Are Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Bulldogs and pit bull mixes absolutely love kids! Ask almost any dog owner who has a properly  raised bull mix terrier or other combination and they all agree that they are  very patient and tolerant with children, they are very gentle and loving. That  being said, no child should ever be left unsupervised with any dog, no matter  what sort of dog, because children often do not understand the proper way of handling  a young puppy and could hurt the fragile newborn or even cause pain to an older  pup.

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How many times have we seen editions of The Planets Funniest Animals and  seen some hapless puppy or kitten being dragged literally by the whiskers or the  tail as some young, well-meaning child, drags the poor animal into a baby carriage  to push around the living room! In situations like this even the most patient  dog may bite the young hand that doesn’t know any better!