Bully Breed & Bulldog Health

One of the main characteristics of the bulldog is their unforgettable silhouette and unmistakable shape and along with this unique attribute comes some health concerns, especially due to the shape of the skull of the dog. The bulldog’s skull, upon skeletal study, typically shows the characteristic underbite (technically known as mandibular prognathism) that makes the loose skin on the jowls hang the way it does and makes the mouth close in a particular way.

The make-up of the dog’s skull, in fact, can mean that the bulldog is prone to some health issues. Of course, all dog breeds have specific issues that can affect them, but the size and shape and bone structure of the bully can mean that breathing issues could be prevalent in these animals due to the shape of the lower jaw combined with the shortness of their muzzle. As anyone who owns one can attest; bulldogs are known to snore.

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Unfortunately, some dogs will be affected to interstitial cysts, these are cysts which can form between the toes of the dog. Such tow cysts will quite certainly cause your dog some discomfort and the owner some distress as no-one wants to see their dog suffer but the good news is that such conditions are readily treated by an experienced vet and if the dog owner is aware of the predisposition of the breed to this condition they can be vigilant for signs of onset. Other common conditions owners may find in their best friend is something called “cherry eye” and allergies in certain older dogs; hip ailments are also something that certain bullies are prone to simply due to the stocky nature and skeletal configuration of the frame of the beasts.

Because of their large heads, bulldogs, and to a lesser extent the bully mixes, can have small bodies in proportion to their heads and are often delivered by Caesarian section. A C-Section may be the only solution to avoid pain and suffering for the mother as they could get stuck in the birth canal during a natural birthing, however, it is not totally uncommon for a bulldog to whelp completely naturally and successfully.

Always discuss the need for having an induced Caesarian Section birth procedure with your veterinarian. Bulldogs, bless their hearts, will require you to give them a daily cleaning of their face folds to avoid any unwanted infections caused by the accumulation of moisture in the folds of their saggy facial skin. Just like many other dogs a daily brushing of their teeth with a regular soft toothbrush using one of the better brands of a vet approved toothpaste is also recommended.

There are many organic and natural toothpaste available for dogs. It goes without saying that bulldogs and all bully mix breeds require daily exercise and if the animal is not properly exercised the poor creature could gain weight, which could cause health problems relating to the lungs and heart. Many of us know that having a dog also forces us to do more exercise and incorporating your dog into your exercise program is a sure-fire way to keep both of you living longer and stronger for years!

Bulldogs, despite their tough exterior look, are extremely sensitive to both heat and cold and care should be given to the dog during cold winter days and also in overly warm and humid summer periods. During such hot days, the owner should ensure that the dog has plenty of shade, water and should be ideally kept out of standing heat. As the breed has developed through the ages the tail has become tighter to the body and if not cleaned under the tail regularly an infection could develop.

Responsible pet ownership is encouraged and regular vet visits are a must with such a special breed!