Do Bulldogs Get along With Cats & Other Pets?

Yes! We’ve seen everything from German Shepherds to Daschunds cuddle up with another dog or a wee kitten and the bulldog and bully mix is no exception to the rule. Of course, common sense has to be used if you are planning on introducing a puppy into a home that already has a dog, or any other living creature, in residence.

This applies to even your friends and any strangers that may enter your home…dogs, especially the bulldog are very loyal and somewhat territorial so care should be taken when contemplating such visitations or combinations. The bulldog, not being aggressive breed by nature, love to make friends with other animals more so than with new people but they can take to your new boyfriend with a little coaxing and a few doggy treats!

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Introducing a new member of your family or bringing a new pet, whether cat or dog, may be harder on the pet you already have, so patience is the key to making it work. Let any new pets get to know one another only under your strict supervision. Once the bond has been made things will go smoothly but don’t expect two or more unacquainted animals to suddenly fall in love…it happens to people but such infatuation is rare between dogs or amongst different species.

Take it slow and it will work but always take such introductions slow and with you in control much the same as you’ve seen with Caesar and the Dog Whisperer!