House Training A Bully Mix

If you want the housebreaking to go quickly and want to effectively follow the expert advice on house training a bulldog then regardless of the method you use you need to spend as much time as possible with your puppy. Probably the most important rule to remember when house training your dog is: If you don’t catch your puppy doing it then don’t punish him for it! You have to praise your puppy when things go right so you need to ensure that the only time you interact is when your puppy has done something bad and you sternly scold her with a loud “no” .

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If they do something right, let them know and as we stated earlier the house training of your puppy should begin with a good, constant feeding and watering routine; establish set times for eating from the beginning and feedings should be scheduled whenever someone will be home take or have your puppy go to the right spot for a bathroom break. Most puppies like to eliminate within 20 minutes after a meal and your house training will be very successful if you can take the puppy outside at these times right after the meal as this puts the focus on this chapter of house training on teaching your puppy where to go to the bathroom. With such encouragement, your puppy will soon learn that where to go is outside and not in your favorite pair of slippers!.

Inside the home, in the day to day schedule of a family’s daily life supervision and confinement are the most important tools in successful housetraining. Keep him in the room with you, using a leash if necessary when she is younger to prevent her from wondering off; eventually the leash won’t be necessary as the dog will learn not to go wandering. If you start to notice a restlessness or the start of whining bring the dog outside. If you cannot supervise your puppy during these times then confinement may be required. Try using protective child gates or the dog crate but don’t confine the puppy so often that it feels isolated.

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A bulldog puppy is a sociable creature and needs to be with people or other pets. When you take your dog outside, you need to let her know what she is supposed to do. Repetition is important in dog training and taking them to the same place through the same door with the same leash is a good way to build positive habits. Use a key phrase to encourage him so when she actually begins to eliminate, shower the dog with praise and once she has eliminated, it is a good time to play as the process of reward, praise and encouragement will go a long way if you take the time to continue doing it. Always make sure you make the dog understand that you are the boss; the leader of the pack!