How to Potty Train a Bulldog

What some people call “Crate Training” is one of the most important things we need to do if we want to follow the rules for potty training. The first thing is to make your puppy’s crate a place that she likes and never use the crate as a form of punishment.

A good idea is to give a puppy treat when you first put the puppy in the crate; you can put their favorite blanket or towel along with their preferred toy in the crate. Putting a sheet or a thick quilt over the crate and leaving just the door side open up will allow the puppy to see out, and you to see in; this makes it almost like a cave which is actually a natural environment for a dog and this cave will make them feel more secure and they will enjoy the homey atmosphere!

When you first see the puppy waking up from a sleep she should be out the door for a potty break after which it’s feeding time and within 15 minutes, back out of the the dog cave for another toilet time. After play time and depending on the age of the puppy you should take the pup back outside for one last potty trip before going back to bed for another nap in the crate.

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If you continuously repeat these steps she will get the idea that the potty and the place to take a poo is outside. Always make sure to really “praise” the animal after she does her business, whether it is a number one or a number two and reinforces the behavior with rewards and treats. A puppy really doesn’t quite understand all this until he is two or three months old and sometimes even older but it is your job, and it will work, if you are consistent as this consistency of rewards and praise makes the puppy understand what inside and outside is for. It requires keeping one eye open all the time but eventually the dog will catch on. As I said before, never use your crate as a form or in connection with punishment!

If you have a backyard that you can close off with a fence and arrange it so the dogs’ crate has access to the fenced in kennel area and can still get back to the crate for naps and security sessions. Make sure you buy the right size dog cage which is one that has the floor space that provides just enough for the puppy to lay down.

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The cage will be useful throughout a dog’s life so choose a model that comes with or has a divider panel as an accessory so you can adjust the space inside the cage and the one cage will accommodate your dog as she grows. Using too large of a crate can often cause some unwanted and long term problems because often, if the cage is too spacious, the puppy will go poo and pee in one corner of the cage and the dog will start tracking the urination and defecation all around the cage and on her blankie and…ewwww! The bulldog instincts about not soiling its bed or laying in the mess will be forgotten if this occurs in the too-large cage, and the puppy will soon be doing it regularly when placed in the crate and the housebreaking method has turned into a behavioral problem as the bulldog hygienic habits become its way of life.