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American Bully

American Bully Info
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American Bully Training Guide
Includes: Socializing, Housetraining, Agility, Obedience, Behavioral Training and More

This Training Guide is a truly informative and unique book, full of reliable and tested information - written for the admirers of this wonderful breed. It is an easy-to-read, and in-depth text which you will thoroughly enjoy, and it contains a wealth of interesting facts and reliable information.

American Bully
Breed name synonyms: "The Bully Pit"

The overall appearance of the American Bully strongly reflects the Pit Bull Terrier's foundation, while blending it with features of other Bull breeds.

The American Bully Dog is a unique and protective breed that that was incepted in the early 1990's by crossbreeding both the American Staffordshire terrier with other Bull/Terrier breeds which resulted in a breed that ended up being one of America's favorites! The American Bully Dog is a very unique breed in the sense that there are different categories of the American Bully each of which demonstrating the size/weight of that particular breed classification.

The American Bully has a compact, muscular, and strong body constitution and a bulky appearance. His body is significantly longer than tall and the legs are if compared with the body, his legs are short. The head is well proportioned with the rest of the body and has very pronounced cheek muscles. The eyes are slightly rounded, wide set and medium-sized. The tail is short, low set, straight and tapering at the end.

The American Bully has a short, close-laying, and glossy coat that is stiff to the touch. When it comes to coat colors, all color patterns or combination of colors are acceptable, except for merle.

Personality of the American Bully

Because of his tough and intimidating appearance, the American Bully makes an excellent watch and guard dog. Nevertheless, if not provoked, he is happy, friendly and outgoing. He is affectionate and very people oriented type of dog. He forms close bonds with all members of the family.

The American Bully is playful, lively, and active dog. He enjoys participating in family, outdoors activities. If left alone or unattended he is likely to show destructive boredom vices.

The American Bully is very tolerant and patient, even with rough children. If properly socialized can learn to get along well with other household pets.

Because the American Bully likes to be in charge, he needs an alpha owner. If the owner is no capable of establishing leadership, the training would be impossible. He is intelligent and capable of fast learning but does not obey blindly.

Loyal, protective and instinctive… Some of the many American Bully traits that make them such a popular breed of choice among those seeking a new companion for their family or household.

Especially with this breed, many choose to adopt/purchase an American Bully because of its reputation for being an excellent and effective protection dog making it a great breed for your home and family.

Years ago, when I was a child, my Father adopted an American Bully puppy (she was a few months old) and during her upbringing we trained her at home (which was quite easy) and we always enjoyed having her around for her outgoing, bubbly personality although during non-social situations she was reserved, calm and settled while still alert of her surroundings (she'd stand up from her nap occasionally, walk around the home and return to her resting spot).

American Bully History

The American Bully is a new and recently developed breed. The breed's history begins in the early 1990's. He is the result of selective breeding and crossbreeding several Bull and Terrier breeds with the American Staffordshire Terrier. The American Bully breed was designed with one goal - to create the ultimate family companion dog.

Although the breed is new and has not experienced wide recognition yet, its popularity is rapidly growing not only in America, but in Europe too.

Health & Care
One noteworthy attribute of the American Bully is that while they can be aggressive, overall they're quite calm and will not make an attack on anyone unless provoked or if danger is sensed. As they're brought up as a puppy, it's important to socialize them around other dogs and people as when they mature you don't want them to feel defensive when around others.

However, during this upbringing, it's important to implement some form of training whether it be done in-home or formally with a trainer.

Training will help to ensure that your American Bully can be around strangers and dogs without being aggressive. If you're considering ownership of an American Bully strictly as a defensive/guard dog then you may perhaps not want to socialize your Bully around too many people/animals but this depends on your wants/needs and is based upon what your situation is.

I have a friend that owns a jewelry store and around the building is a parking lot with a 6-foot fence surrounding the perimeter and he has 3 American Bully's that reside there overnight to protect the location. This is just one example of how this breed can be used for protection.

When it comes to the American Bully it's of great importance that they receive an adequate amount of daily exercise and physical activity as they have tons of energy to burn off and daily walks or trips to the dog park will assist them with physical development and their health. Personally, I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per day of physical related activity although the more the better.

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: The ideal height at withers for both females and males is 13-21'' (33-53cm) and the ideal weight for both females and males is 70-120Ibs (31-54kg).

FOOD/DIET: American Bullies need feeding formulas rich with high-quality, all-natural proteins to support their extensive muscular development.

HEALTH ISSUES: There are not many health studies conducted among the American Bully breed. However, from what is known, the breed is prone to developing several health problems such as musculoskeletal conditions (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patella), eye problems (cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy), skin conditions (demodectic mange, zinc responsive dermatosis, ichthyosis), neurological conditions (cerebellar abiotrophy), cardiovascular conditions (congenital heart failure), endocrine conditions (hypothyroidism) and respiratory conditions (brachycephalic syndrome associated problems).

The American Bully is extremely sensitive to heat. He is also very prone to flatulence.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10-12 years

FUN FACTS: Almost all-American Bullies are related to a dog known as Juan Gotty of Blue Star Kennels in California. Juan Gotty died at the age of 15, but continued to give offspring via artificial insemination.

These are muscular, built dogs and they naturally have a bit more energy in my opinion compared to other breeds so they're going to want to be involved in daily activities that allow them to get out and walk, run or play so it's important that they have some allotted time on a daily basis to burn all of their energy off.

Owning an American Bully is a very rewarding experience as you can provide yourself or your family with the comfort of having a protective breed in the home while also having a dog that can at the same time provide you with comfort, company and companionship. They have a great personality and will always shows back the same love they receive but don’t be fooled, in a second, they can become defensive if they need to be and will be protective over their owner(s) and family.

The Bully Breeds

Belonging to the "bulldog" and "Bull & Terrier" groups of pure-bred dogs. They are often mis-identified, mis-labbeled, or delibrately called "pit bulls". Many owners of such dogs face prejudice and may be the target of physical and even verbal attacks and campaigns on social media.

Breed Specific Legislation is a way for governments and local authorities to generalize and demonize entire breeds despite the fact that a small percentage of the bully breeds are a danger to society. Often any dangerous behaviour can be traced back to deliberate formation and training by owners.

Below is an example of some of the "bully breeds" and it shows the physical differences in the branches of the genetic tree. Some breeds have been ommitted as they are extremely rare or do not face the same stigma of being labelled as a dangerous dog or mislabbeled as a pitbull.
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