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'Scott' American Bulldog

Scott Breed Dog Info
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American Bulldog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

The American Bulldog is now one of the nation’s most celebrated canine exports, establishing a devoted following around the globe. Author Abe Fishman provides a controversial but wholly candid retelling of the breed’s history and its re-creation in the United States. The history chapter is followed by a chapter devoted to the characteristics of this exceptional working breed, offering sound advice about which owners are best suited to this vigorous and active canine.

Breed History

"Scott" American bulldogs are often called the standard American bulldog. They are slightly smaller and more athletic than their cousins called "Johnson" American bulldogs, but they are taller. Although Scott's are often mistaken for pit bulls, the Scott has a narrower muzzle and head. They also have what's known as the "reverse scissors bite," a slightly undershot jaw that allows the lower front teeth to touch the outside of the upper teeth.

The Scott American Bulldog, sometimes called the “Standard” American Bulldog, is smaller than Johnson American Bulldogs, but they are also the more athletic breed. Scotts are sometimes mistaken for Pit Bull Terriers. They have an undershot jaw and the outer part of the upper teeth touch the lower teeth in a reverse scissor bite.

American Bulldogs started out life as the typical English Bulldogs. They were used on farms and ranches in England, as well as to guard properly. These dogs were such useful utility dogs that English immigrants would bring them with them when they came to America. By the 1940’s, these Bulldogs were all but extinct, and two men saw value in the breed and wanted to bring them back.

One of them was John D. Johnson, who created the Johnson American Bulldog. The other man was the breeder of the Scott American Bulldog, named Allen Scott.

"Scott" American bulldogs are a branch of the American bulldog family tree. After work dogs lost their use around the farms and other breeds started being used for guarding properties, American bulldogs fell out of use. They were on the brink of extinction until two men, Scott and Johnson, decided to start breeding them again.

Every dog in the USA today that is known as a "Scott" American Bulldog can trace its roots back to the first puppies that Scott bred.

Scott American Bulldog Personality

Immigrants to American from England found the American Bulldog to be just as useful as their English Bulldogs. They used them on cattle drives and to protect the home while they were asleep. The breed was a working dog and a damn fine one at that.

Much like the English bulldog, American Bulldogs are loving, caring, confident, alert and extremely loyal. They are very brave and strong-willed too which can pose a problem during training. However, as long as you train your Scott at a young age, you shouldn't have any issues. You will need to exercise your Scott as much as possible.

Work dogs need plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and entertained. American Bulldogs are known for their acts of heroism, largely due to their pack mentality. Once they are in a pack, they are in it for life so once they are part of your family, you'll have a hard time leaving them at home.

The Scott American Bulldog is a strong pack leader with finely honed protective instincts. Like its closely-related cousin, the Johnson American Bulldog, Scotts are extremely affectionate and friendly.

But they also are difficult to train after the age of two, so training should be done early. Also, the dog should be given plenty to do during the day, as well as lots of exercise, otherwise boredom may result in destructive behavior.

Having an American bulldog as a pet is a wonderful thing. For most of its life, it will be your soppy best friend. However, you do need to be careful with them. If they ever see a cow, horse, goat something like that, they may take it upon themselves to get their dinner ready. Always remember that as loving as your American bulldog is, the instinct to drive cattle is still rooted deep within them.

As funny as the image of an American bulldog owner being dragged along by a bull that's connected to their dog is, perhaps it's best to try and avoid that sort of situation!

Food, Height & Weight

Even though Scott's get mistaken for pit bulls regularly, they are actually the taller dog. At the shoulder, they come in at 22 to 27 inches. They typically weigh around 60 to 100 pounds which makes them quite a lot lighter than "Johnson" American bulldogs. However, the Johnson's have a heavier bone structure so the size of the two types can be quite comparable.

This dog stands between 22 and 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 60 and 120 pounds.

The American Bulldog is susceptible to eye problems, so your dog should be fed a diet that is high in beta-carotene. In addition, these bulldogs should avoid filler products and milk products. Dog foods with plenty of protein, fats, fruits and veggies are the best diet for the American Bulldog.

Health & Life Expectancy

The American Bulldog is subject to a variety of potential health conditions unfortunately. One of the things that is most common among these dogs is joint pain and joint damage. This is due to having such a heavy body on very short legs. Give them glucosamine if that is the case.

There are some health issues associated with Scott's American bulldogs, but, overall, they are considered a healthy breed. Later in life, this breed can have issues with their kidneys, nervous system, thyroid, and eyes. They are also one of the many dog breeds that suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia.

In addition, American Bulldogs can suffer from eyesight problems and conditions like Cherry Eye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers. They are prone to blindness if not treated. Finally, American Bulldogs may suffer from hip dysplasia and digestive maladies.

The American Bulldog will generally live to between ten and fifteen years.

Fun Facts

There are quite a few fun facts about the Scott American Bulldog and American Bulldogs in general. First, something that your children will find hilarious should you choose to get one: the American Bulldog is prone to digestive problems, which means that with the wrong diet they will be prone to extreme flatulence. With the right diet, your kids will still probably have the opportunity to laugh once in a while. In addition, all of the American Bulldogs alive today have one of two shared ancestors: Scotts have Allen Scott’s stud “Mac the Masher” while Johnson Bulldogs have John Johnson’s “Dick the Bruiser.”

The Bully Breeds

Belonging to the "bulldog" and "Bull & Terrier" groups of pure-bred dogs. They are often mis-identified, mis-labbeled, or delibrately called "pit bulls". Many owners of such dogs face prejudice and may be the target of physical and even verbal attacks and campaigns on social media.

Breed Specific Legislation is a way for governments and local authorities to generalize and demonize entire breeds despite the fact that a small percentage of the bully breeds are a danger to society. Often any dangerous behaviour can be traced back to deliberate formation and training by owners.

Below is an example of some of the "bully breeds" and it shows the physical differences in the branches of the genetic tree. Some breeds have been ommitted as they are extremely rare or do not face the same stigma of being labelled as a dangerous dog or mislabbeled as a pitbull.
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