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Boxer Breed Dog Info
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Boxer Owners Manual
(Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

This muscular, shorthaired canine makes a wonderful family pet. He is good with children but needs regular exercises to prevent boredom, which often instigates bad habits. All titles in Barron’s profusely-illustrated Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties of pet care. They also make ideal guides for older children having their first experiences as animal caretakers.

Boxer Breed History

Things start to get a bit interesting when it comes to the heritage/history of the Boxer...

The Boxer belongs to a breed of dogs known as Molosser; a new class/breed of dogs (at the time) that derived from Germany during the latter part of the 19th century. This group of dogs included the Bullenbeisser (now extinct) and the Bulldog.

If you've ever been curious as to why the breed has been named the "Boxer" it's because of the dog's tendency to stand on its hind legs while moving its front legs in a "boxing" motion.

Boxers are considered to be close relatives to nearly all dogs that fall within the class of Olde English bulldogs as they were bread during the 16th-century era throughout all of Europe. Boxers are known as the breed of dogs that have a tremendous amount of energy, stamina, and courage and tend to be quite friendly and rambunctious (especially during the puppy stages).

Coming from a current owner of 2 Boxers, I can tell you that they're a wonderful breed to own although there are some characteristics of the Boxer that you'll want to learn about prior to becoming an owner of this fun-loving breed.

Boxer Breed Personality

In my opinion, the Boxers personality is probably the most diverse of any other breed in that they're confident, friendly, energetic, loyal and fearless all at the same time.

These are the traits that made getting a Boxer such an easy choice for me.

During the younger stages of a Boxer’s life, it’s to be expected of them to be quite energetic and very friendly in nature and their friendliness will continue throughout its life while the energetic part of its personality will begin to tone down.

However, Boxers do require a lot of exercise and it’s vital for both their health and growth that they’re able to get in an adequate amount of time of physical activity.

Taking your boxer on daily 30-minute walks is a great way for them to burn off that excess energy that so many of them have while also allowing them to “explore” which they love to do.
Many owners of such dogs face prejudice and may be the target of physical and even verbal attacks and campaigns on social media.

Average Weight & Height of a Boxer

The weight and size will vary from Boxer to Boxer as it's dependent on both the age and sex. Typically, an adult Female Boxer will weigh between 55-64 pounds while a fully grown Male Boxer tends to weigh somewhere between 60-71 pounds.

The last time I took my 8-year-old Male Boxer to the veterinarian he weighed 69 pounds which in-part is due to his age and gender but also because of the specialty diet that I currently have him on.

Best Diet for a Boxer

Boxers are a special breed of dogs in the sense that they're a high-energy breed and should be on a special diet that will help to support their growth and energy levels. This comes as a surprise to many but Boxers can quite easily consume 1,500 calories per day which is equivalent to the daily calorie intake of a person.

Boxers are muscular with enough energy to outlast most other dogs in the dog park which is why I recommend getting dog food for Boxer's that are made with high-quality ingredients (primarily protein).

If you currently have a Boxer on regular (standard) dog food diet and are wanting to switch over to a high-protein diet, do slow at a slow pace as making a quick transition to a food much higher in protein can cause issues with the Boxer's digestive tract.

Also, be sure that the dog food you purchase is grain-free to help reduce the chance of your Boxer having some sort of an allergic reaction.

Life Expectancy of a Boxer

The average life expectancy of a Boxer is 10-12 years although this will be dependent on some factors including the diet that Boxer has been on throughout its life and its health.

My oldest Boxer from years ago lived to see 14 years old which is a great lifespan and above the average for a Boxer.

Seek routine visits to the Veterinarian to ensure no health concerns are present, provide your Boxer with a healthy diet and involve your best friend in regular physical activities to keep him/her healthy and happy for years to come.

The Bully Breeds

Belonging to the "bulldog" and "Bull & Terrier" groups of pure-bred dogs. They are often mis-identified, mis-labbeled, or delibrately called "pit bulls". Many owners of such dogs face prejudice and may be the target of physical and even verbal attacks and campaigns on social media.

Breed Specific Legislation is a way for governments and local authorities to generalize and demonize entire breeds despite the fact that a small percentage of the bully breeds are a danger to society. Often any dangerous behaviour can be traced back to deliberate formation and training by owners.

Below is an example of some of the "bully breeds" and it shows the physical differences in the branches of the genetic tree. Some breeds have been ommitted as they are extremely rare or do not face the same stigma of being labelled as a dangerous dog or mislabbeled as a pitbull.
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