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The Basic Makeup Of The Bully Breed

A beautiful pitbull.The term "bully breed" actually describes several unique breeds.

It is a term that is utilized for the American pit bull terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier. In actuality, the bully is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be large boxers or small Boston terriers. There is often a misconception that bully breeds are going to be dangerous.

The term "bully" can definitely give the impression that the dogs are going to be terrifying and intimidating, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

As long as you shower your bully with love and admiration, he or she will remain friendly! And, they'll be loyal to you for their entire life.

We all know and love the fact that bulldogs are a stocky breed, with a compact body that has a very low center of gravity and short, sturdy and strong limbs.

The unique and unmistakable shape of the “breed” results in a peculiarly unique and well-known gait that is sometimes imitated when referring to weight lifters because they swagger like cocky tough guys! But that tough looking exterior as we all know is covering a real heart of gold!

Bulldogs and are known for their short muzzles with somewhat saggy skin on their faces, creating what looks like a “frown” which has become almost the trademarked look of the breed.

Bully mixes will often show slightly softer characteristics of the bulldog especially when mixed with larger and thinner breeds in which case we often see the skull and eyes revealing the biggest clues that the puppy is actually a mix.

The traditional bulldogs come in a variety of colors and ideally will have a short and smooth lustrous coat.

Beyond the bully mixes, which can come in a more varied size and shape the weight of what we consider the traditional bulldog is between 40 and 55 pounds (18 to 25 kilograms) when fully mature.

While it’s true that what some dog owners call “pit bulls” (i.e. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers) can trace their genetic lineage back to the original breed of bulldog. Bulldogs were historically crossed with terriers to create what is known as the “pit bull” breeds (“pit bull” is not actually it’s own certified breed; rather, it is a inclusive term which is used to collectively describe the American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers).

After decades of selective breeding, however, all of the dogs that originated with bulldogs, all the “pit bulls” included, now have a unique set of traits and characteristics that are standard to that breed.

Pit Bulls (capitalized, that term actually refers to the American Pit Bull Terrier) are a recognized breed, with their own special traits and characteristics. So are American Bulldogs. Therefore, the most accurate description of many of these wonderful dogs would be American Pit Bull Terrier/American Bulldog mix.

Be cautious if people are just referring to such dogs as a “pit bull”; it really isn’t accurate. Dog owners sometimes refer to such dogs (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/American Bulldog mix for example) just as a “bully breed” or “bully mix”.

It’s simple and more accurate. But if you really want to be an ambassador for the animal and to really educate people, you could always say the full and accurate breed name of your dog when asked, although smiling and saying that she’s a “bully mix” will likely be less complicated!

Bully Mix Breed Dog Info
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The Bully Breeds

Belonging to the "bulldog" and "Bull & Terrier" groups of pure-bred dogs. They are often mis-identified, mis-labbeled, or delibrately called "pit bulls". Many owners of such dogs face prejudice and may be the target of physical and even verbal attacks and campaigns on social media.

Breed Specific Legislation is a way for governments and local authorities to generalize and demonize entire breeds despite the fact that a small percentage of the bully breeds are a danger to society. Often any dangerous behaviour can be traced back to deliberate formation and training by owners.

Below is an example of some of the "bully breeds" and it shows the physical differences in the branches of the genetic tree. Some breeds have been ommitted as they are extremely rare or do not face the same stigma of being labelled as a dangerous dog or mislabbeled as a pitbull.
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Boston Terrier, such a handsome dog!History

Where did the name come from? The word "bulldog", as applied to these incredible creatures, has been in use in recorded history since around 1568 when the term was likely applied to various ancestors of what are the modern bulldog breeds.

The early genetic breeding masterminds were aiming the dogs for a fairly cruel and mean existence and in the 17th century the bulldog was used for bull baiting and, to a lesser extent, bear baiting which was a particularly savage gambling sport that was popular back in the 1600's and involved trained bulldogs leaping at a bull or a bear tethered to a post and latched onto its snout and attempted to literally suffocate it.

Such cruelty to both animals was considered a viable blood sport and in today's standards such behavior would be considered as downright inhumane at the time it was nothing to be ashamed of. T

hankfully the breed has evolved, the aggression has been treated as an undesirable and receding gene, so to speak and the current bully pups are full of potential and becoming more and more as one of the best dogs for a caring family.

Dog lovers have gathered together to share stories and fellowship with other owners of their shared & common stock and the oldest specialty dog club devoted to the specialty breed was started in jolly old England back in 1875. This group of pub crawling canine lovers were known, not surprisingly as, the Bulldog Club., And their initial writings and specifications describing the breed became the standard!

While the breed has evolved immensely from the 1800's and the bulldog mixes have become popular especially with the Terrier group of animals there has been a renewed interest among some dog owners who have tried to recreate a breed more akin to the original bull baiters of three hundred years ago; recent examples of this questionable trend are the breeds known as the Olde English Bulldogge, Renascence Bulldog, Victorian, Continental and Dorset Old Tyme Bulldog.

The American Kennel Club, however, has decided not to recognize any of these newly "recreated" breeds of dogs. Many owners of bulldogs or the bully mixes tend to agree that the progression of the breed has come so far.

Looking back to rekindle such traits may be counterproductive to the future of the acceptance of the breed.

American Bulldog Bible And the American Bulldog:
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I'm a Good Dog:
Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet

About Ken Foster:
Ken Foster lives in New Orleans with his dogs, Brando, Zephyr, Douglas and Bananas. His work has appeared in The Believer, McSweeney's, Bomb, The New York Times Book Review, Time Out New York, The Village Voice and other publications.

A collection of his short stories, titled The Kind I'm Likely to Get, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. He has also been awarded fellowships to Yaddo, the Sewanee Writers Conference, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the Wesleyan Writers Conference. He has edited two anthologies--The KGB Bar Reader and Dog Culture--as well as a special issue of the Mississippi Review. His most recent books are the memoir,

The Dogs Who Found Me, and the collection, Dogs I Have Met. In 2008, he founded The Sula Foundation, which promotes responsible pit bull ownership in New Orleans.

The Bully Bible: Everything You Need To Know About The American Bully

Everything You Need To Know About The American Bully : History Of The American Pit Bull Terrier & The Evolution Of The American Bully, History Of The Razors Edge Bloodline , American Bully • Caring For Your American Bully • The Importance Of Socialization, and more.

A valuable resource for fans and owners of the bully breeds.

American Bulldog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

The American Bulldog is now one of the nation’s most celebrated canine exports, establishing a devoted following around the globe.

Author Abe Fishman provides a controversial but wholly candid retelling of the breed’s history and its re-creation in the United States.

The history chapter is followed by a chapter devoted to the characteristics of this exceptional working breed, offering sound advice about which owners are best suited to this vigorous and active canine.
The Bulldog vs. Pit Bulls

A "Pit Bull" is not a specific breed; several different breeds fall under the general "Pit Bull" category. These variations of the breeds do share certain characteristics but they also have a n even larger number of differences and distinctions between them.

Pit Bull and Bully Mix breeders curate almost every imaginable color combination possible including spotted dogs and. The most common coat coloring patterns Pit Bulls include the slightly tiger-striped "brindle" and the more golden "fawn" but mating can create rare color combinations.

Technically, there is only one breed of dog that can actually be called a "Pit Bull" and that is the American Pit Bull Terrier. The term refers to certain breeds – the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as well as any crosses of these three.

The Bulldog is a different breed descending from the Asiatic mastiff,originally developed in Great Britain, and as horrific as it sounds now the primary function of the Bulldog was that of a participant in the blood sport of bull baiting. The disgusting sport began in the 17th century and took place in Ireland, England and North America. A bull was tied to an iron stake so that it could move within a radius of about 10 meters. The "object" of the sport was for the dogs to immobilise the bull.

Often, the bull's nose was blown full of pepper to enrage the animal before the baiting. The bull was sometimes placed in a hole in the ground. A variant of this evil human invention was "pinning the bull", where specially-trained Bulldogs would attack the bull one at a time, usually attacking the poor beasts snout with gnashing teeth.

Believe it or not but Bull-baiting was practised as a form of recreation!

It was not finally outlawed until parliament passed the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1835, which forbade the keeping of any house, pit, or other place for baiting or fighting any bull, bear, dog, or other animal.

Such sad history of the Bulldog breed can make one understand how there have been prejudices against the dogs but it really isn't fair to throw out the puppies with the puppy bathwater! These animals cannot be blamed for their historical mistreatments and savage trainings.

Today the Bulldog is a family companion and show dog.

The Bulldog is moderate in size, heavy,often stout, and built low to the ground. They are strong, very kind, amiable, and courageous. This breed is inherently not vicious or aggressive and is really quite dignified. They possess a passive demeanor and actually have a quirky sense of humor that oweners really apprteciate.

This breed is loyal, super affectionate, and extremely devoted to the family they are a part of. The Bulldog is dependable, gentle, and does well in a home with well behaved children.

They will get along with other pets they have been raised with but may be rude and try to impose themselves on strange dogs. Lake almost all dogs, they thrive on human attention and are dependent upon their owners and families for their happiness, health and well-being.

The Bulldog has fairly good guarding abilities but will only bark when absolutely necessary. They can be very possessive of food and should not be fed in the presence of children or other pets to avoid any jealous covetting of thy neighbours bowl.

Bulldogs needs an occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush but bathing or dry shampooing should only be done when necessary but the breed has a tendency to drool and slobber their spittle so daily cleaning of the face is a must.

They can be prone to such health issues as breathing problems, poor eyesight, skin infections, and hip and knee problems.

Almost all Bulldogs will be born by Caesarean section due to the size of their large heads.

They are adverse to any weather extremes and are susceptible to heat stroke.

Early socialization and obedience are a must for the Bulldog as they have a tendency to be hard-headed and stubborn. Like all good training programs, it is important that they be taught to know that the owner is the dominant Alpha leader of the pack.

They do not respond to mean or overly disciplined training methods. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, consistency, praise, and reward.

The Bulldog needs daily exercise to stay fit and this is good for the owners too! They also bwill stay healthier with regular play sessions.



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